IMUNO FACTOR – 2Gms x 30Sachets


Prebiotic & Probiotic /Prevention against Influenza Infection /Helpful urinary Infection/Fight against E-coli

Usage: Ant- Aging and Immune System

Content: 2Gms x 20sachets

How to consume:

Consume 1 day 1 sachet after/before breakfast with / without (normal temperature) water (can be consume directly without mising it with water) also can mis with a poridge / fruit juices.

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World most recognized and researched Prebiotic and GOS have attracted worldwide attention from researchers due to its similarity to mothers milk.

Probiotic BIFIDOBACTERIUM LONGUM which has clinical trials:

  • Prevention against Influenza Infection in the elderly
  • Helpful urinary tract infection.
  • Fight against E-Coli

Probiotics are,

  • live health-promoting bacteria on the host when administrated in adequate amounts.
  • “CFU” / “Colony Forming Unit”, unit measurement of viable microbes in probiotic product.
  • A true probiotic is defined up to strain level.
  • Probiotics within the same genus do not necessarily means they provide the same benefits. Prebiotics are non-digestible ingredients / fibres that promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria over that of harmful ones.
  • Prebiotic can be dietary fibre but dietary fibre not necessarily can be prebiotic.
  • Although both are non-digestible carbohydrates i.e. not being hydrolyzed or broken down by the digestive system, prebiotic differs from dietary fibre in that prebiotic can be selectively utilized by beneficial intestinal bacteria as “food”.


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